Error 404 Profile not found

Epic ID: xWammy
It is not on my end checked multiple browser, asked other people to check.
Seems to be the same as these people.

Said to open open a topic if having these issues so here I am. Have also tried linking my epic to trn however it fails I cannot see the error message since it is only visible for 0.001 seconds.

In the app it just shows my name and no stats or rank, like the person in the linked topic.

@10330252-0f16-47f7-9 Would you mind confirming some things for me?

  • Are you actively playing on PC via the Epic game store? I only ask this as your Epic ID is also linked to a PSN ID, but your accounts show as private on Epic

  • When did you last play a match of Rocket League?

  • Can you please head here: Epic Games Account Linking ( and click on the mange icon and screenshot me all of your linked accounts?

Right Now I am play via heroic launcher just to launch my game. It I also have epic games launcher installed. My psn account I haven’t played in years.

I don’t know how to set my profile public if that’s a thing?

I played about a year ago or less and my tracking worked.
I likely had a different username.
In the last 3 days I started playing again.

Other tracker did work: