Error 404: This player has not played Valorant

Hello my stats are showing up on the overwolf valorant tracker app however whenever I want to make my profile public and view it on the website, I’m greeted with the following image. I’ve tried signing out from everything and logging in again but to no avail. Any fixes?
The Error Page:

Since new users can only upload one attached image here’s a screenshot showing the tracker working as intended:

Hi @FlavoredDiarrhea,

Could you please click on your nickname in the app and send a link to the page that appears? Most likely, your nickname in the app differs from the nickname you are trying to find on the website.

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yeah that seems to be the issue

Riot Tagline on app: #69402
Riot Tagline when signing up to authenticate: #EUW

Could you please try to link your Riot Games account on this page using incognito in your browser?

i am getting the same error

Hi @Ghost_Gaming_Pro,

When did you play last time? Is Arguu0345#arguu your current nickname?

i got the same error too