Error 500 all the time

I guess the Rocket League tracker is just offline right now?

So, that’s pretty much any profile for me

Hi @davrieb,

Could you give us any examples please? At the moment, we cannot reproduce the issue.

So far, I’ve only narrowed it down to Google Chrome. Any other browser I’ve tried seems to work fine. My personal workaround, whence is to just use Firefox for I’ve yet to try if this happens on any other machine, or with a blank profile.

With Chrome pretty much any user page on the rocket league tracker is affected. So are the leaderboards. Ranked Duel 1v1 Rating Leaderboard - Rocket League Tracker

Also not all games seem to be affected. For example I get 400 server error on Battlefield V player profiles. Destiny 2 profiles are an example of it working fine though.

Damn, Privacy Badger seems to have blocked something it shouldn’t have. Sorry for all the noise.