False Ban due to Tracker.gg in-game overlay

I received a false permanent ban yesterday on Valorant. After downloading tracker a couple months ago I noticed that my game would disconnect from the server often, maybe every other play session. This was only noticeably happening after I downloaded tracker.gg. I didn’t think anything of it and thought it was my internet being spotty, only to receive a permanent ban yesterday while warming up in a deathmatch, while in that match I had also disconnected about half-way through with a server connection error telling me to relaunch(the usual). It was never on my mind that using the tracker overlay could get me banned, until I saw the message saying I was banned for 3rd party application. There is ZERO doubt in my mind that tracker.gg is the culprit as I am quite confident that I don’t have hacks installed on my computer. Unless you consider tracker.gg of course -_-

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I have the same issue right now. I got banned on valorant from the valorant tracker in-game overlay. The thing is I deleted valorant tracker like 2 days ago and just got banned today. Is there anyway to get my account back, even though its permanently banned???

Hi @ySkippy and @stingybay,

If you think that our app was the actual reason why you got banned, please contact the Overwolf support team to investigate this issue:

As @lauriys mentioned, our app is approved by Riot Games and you will not get banned you if you use our app. We have a lot of users using our app every day and we believe our app is safe to use.

Just a quick question for this topic.

IF you get banned for using tracker.gg and it could be proofen would you get unbanned then or would riot just said: “Well, your problem.” ?

We cannot get someone unbanned as we are not Riot. However, if there is a clear evidence of a ban caused by our software, we will contact both Overwolf and Riot to resolve the issue.

I get banned by ip for website tracker.gg
It says error 1006 and that the owner of this website has banned your ip adress.
Can you help?