FAQ: How do I update my Season 16 Kills & Wins?

Hey Everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

I just wanted to explain how the Seasonal data on your profiles works. No doubt this is going to be a common question, especially with the raft of new players joining us.

For your Season 16 kills/win data to show you must;

  1. Unlock the seasonal trackers for your legends via levelling up the battle pass in Apex Legends. Don’t worry, thankfully all of the legend trackers are in the free tier. Sadly this can take quite some time :slightly_frowning_face:

  2. You then need to equip these seasonal trackers with the legends you wish for your ApexTracker profile to track

  3. Simple play games with these trackers on and keep your profile updated.

Here is an example of how your setup should look in the game to correctly track your data (Please note I’ve used Season 15 trackers for this example as the S16 battle pass has only just launched)

What battle pass level do I need for Season 16 Kills & Win trackers?

Mad Maggie - level 10
Fuse - level 17
Wattson - level 19
Crypto - level 23
Vantage - level 27
Rampart - level 33
Loba - level 35
Mirage - level 41
Gibraltar - level 43
Valkryie - level 45
Caustic - level 52
Seer - level 56
Newcastle - level 59
Ash - level 65
Catalyst - level 68
Bloodhound - level 73
Wraith - level 75
Octane - level 81
Lifeline - level 83
Bangalore - level 89
Pathfinder - level 91
Revenant - level 95
Horizon - level 97

So to be on the kill leader board I need kills for this season? Because I have that equipped and it still doesn’t show