For Honor Leaderboards

My Shinobi stats say I’m top 1 percent with a 4.3 kd but I go to the leaderboard and scroll to all the people with that kd and I’m not there. Any reason why I can’t see either of my accounts on there? Xbox Gamertag Is XOnlyShinoX

My account should be XOnlyShinoX

Hi, @OnlyShinobi that account has only played 9 matches and thus wouldn’t qualify for leaderboard access.

For obvious reasons, we can’t allow brand-new accounts to show otherwise people would abuse it.

I’m not sure on the exact number of required games for For Honor however I don’t see many people with less than 400 matches on the LB’s

Okay that’s fair but my main has 45 hours of playtime just in Shinobi as well and I don’t appear either. That’s why I tried a new account. I’ll get my matches up on my new account and check later, thank you for the response‼️