Forgot email address

Hey I tried resetting my pass but can’t do that without my email I have access to my mail just don’t remember which address have tried almost all of them, Can someone help me out? Trying to get back “m3rshy”

@Lewie Can you or another staff member help me out?


Having looked at that account neither the linked Twitter nor Discord account is currently active so verifying information will be difficult.

Can you recall a partial email for that account or which accounts were linked?


Yeah my twitter and discord were recently suspended… I tried searching my gmail inbox with all emails connected for a mail from TRN but could not find any. Im pretty sure I signed up from my pc but forgot the mail… The twitch I connected to my account is still active though and I can verify I own it through chat or something

Unfortunately, I cannot whisper you on Twitch as your account permissions do not allow this; to verify your account please just whisper the Twitch user ‘LewieJay’ any message and I’ll come back to you.

Thank you


My bad I just saw this I whispered you but you dont have to do anything anymore I just remembered my login lmao im kinda dumb