[Fortnite] Getting 410 error

Getting the error and the xp on the top left ain’t working I unlinked the account and everything and it won’t work

Unlinking the account will not resolve the issue; for EXP to work, you must link an account.

At this time you have this profile linked: Pottzy19XX’s Fortnite Stats - Fortnite Tracker

Please reset your app and see if you’re still having issues.

If issues persist.

  1. Please take a screenshot of your dashboard page
  2. Please provide your app logs. (Click on the settings icons, click logs, click the icon at the upper right of your screen, which looks like three horizontal lines, and click share log files & you can just email them to me at [email protected]

Please reply here once done; if you’re exp is now working as intended, please let me know.

Thank you