Fortnite Highlight Videos

So I was super excited seeing that it will take highlighted videos of kills wins deaths here for Fortnite. Unfortunately the videos aren’t working properly and i’m not sure if its my end or not? The start of the video is basicly a screenshot and SOMETIMES it will switch to the last couple seconds of the video, but the video length isn’t matching up with what is shown. It will say like 55 second video, and when you play it is only 12 seconds. So the videos don’t actually play anything and the length of time doesn’t match. Am I doing something wrong, does anyone else have this issue, and how do I fix it? Thanks!

Hi @Kogigi,

You may need to adjust your Overwolf capture settings. Particularly, please check if a different codec improves the situation.


Also, please make sure you have up-to-date drivers.

It worked but now the videos do lag. Do i want to up or lower the bitrate to help reduce this or is it trial and error?