Fortnite Mobile vs Website

Mobile stats aren’t being updated to reflect what is shown on the website.

Hi @mmmdorytohs,

Thank you for your report. What is your current app version? If your app is up-to-date, could you give us a few examples when your stats in the app differ from your stats on the website?

Hi! I have the current version: 3.9.3 Attaching screenshot where they differ. Also,comments under Fortnite tracker’s Twitter post from 12/9 show other people are experiencing differences as well.

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We’re looking into it, thanks for the screenshots.

@mmmdorytohs We found a bug w/ refreshing profiles and will push a fix soon. Can you terminate the app and re-open it and see if your profile updates? Let us know please thanks!

I am on iOS and latest 3.9.3+122 and my matches are now updating but my overview remains out of date. I ended the app and relaunched just now and it’s still 13 wins behind

Same as philpatt- seasonal stats updating but still not reflected on lifetime stats.

We’re working on pushign a fix to ios store, might take a day or two. We’ll check back with you soon. Thanks for helping w/ this guys.

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@mmmdorytohs @philpatt We identified the problem and pushed a fix last night. Please make sure your app is updated. You should be on 3.9.4 or greater.

Let us know if this resolved your issue. :pray:

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Mine is fixed

Th and!

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Yes @xorth -all good now. You’re awesome, thanks for your help!