Fortnite tracker app not updating


I installed the fortnite tracker app last night since I really like how the website works and wanted to give the app a go to see if it’s got any other cool functions. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to update my stats. The live match section shows the same 6 people, one of which is me and one of which is my duos partner. The other 4 are the same random names throughout the night that would never change.
On top of that, the weapons tab updated once but never again. The match history never updated once throughout the night.
I played about 10 games with the app open, I even made sure my profile is public, and that all of the app settings were on or enabled. No dice. I also tried closing the app via task manager twice and that didn’t work to refresh stats. It was open on my second monitor for most of the games and open but hidden with ctrl + F for the other few games. Even today nothing seems to have updated aside from my season stats in the home section. How can I get accurate match history, weapon stats, and live match info?

Hi @turbogamer12,

Thank you for your report. It looks like something went wrong while you played and the app could not track your stats anymore. Have you tried to restart your PC? Do you open the app before launching the game?

If you are still experiencing this issue, could you send us your logs please?