Fortnite Tracker Issue

At the Start of Fortnite Tracker there is normally a Search Bar where you can search Names. But for me it isn´t there.

Can anyone help me?

Hi @Raichu123Yt,

What is your current browser? Do you have the same issue in other browsers? Do you use AdBlock or similar extensions which might remove the search bar from the page?

I am using Microsoft Edge. When I use another Browser the Task bar is there. But I don´t want to use a different Browser. I don´t have any Extra like AdBlock on this Browser. I had the same Issue a few Months ago but it appeared after a few Weeks again. But now I have the Problem since 2 Months.

Can you help me with it?

does it still happen in InPrivate? (Ctrl+Shift+N)
what about disabling all extensions?

Can you hit F12, go to the Console tab and take a screenshot and post it here. Look for any RED error lines. thank you.

No it work in Privat mode


Can anyone help me now?

I didn´t got a Respond the past week