Front page of Fortnite tracker

So I am shooting for #1 in trn rating so that I get to the front page of Fortnite tracker. I get 1st in trn rating and get on front page for a couple hours and then you guys removed the section that featured the players with most kills all time most wins all time and top solo trn rating(me). I’m wondering are you guys bringing that section of your front page back up and why was it removed right after I get 1st but it’s been there for a long time?

Hi @Shnawn,

This section will be available again today or tomorrow. We are having issues with some of our internal services right now, some data might be inaccessible.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Please let us know if you can see your profile now:

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Thank you for the reply and fixing it. Look at my recent post please. I think there is a glitch that is preventing me from getting a trn rating higher than 4999 in solos. I have won 6 straight games today and 12+ games since reaching 4999 and it hasn’t gone up to 4999.1 and I’ve been tied for 1st for about 3 days and the person I’m tied with gets all the front page time and I’m pretty sure there is a glitch because I think 6 straight good kill wins and 12 wins since reaching 4999 would put me at 4999.1