Game missing from match history

Hi all,
As the title says, I played a game earlier in which I dropped 26 kills and won the game. However I don’t see said game in my match history and its stats were not counted on my profile nor on the app (personal best has not updated but my KD and my win count did for some reason).
Any idea why? Is the game going to show at some point with my personal best stats updated? It is my personal best so I would like it to be recorded at least.
Thanks !

Hi @spencer75,

Could you give us a link to your profile please? Is it the only match you cannot see in your profile? When did you play it?

Hi @LostBlood,

Thank you for getting back to me.
As requested, my profile:
Date and time: 2021.08.26 - 01.27.04 (this is the end time in CET). I even have a clip for it.

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My game is missing from match history to it was a win, and I’m in a tournament I need this win.

Hi @LostBlood,
In addition to my feedback last time, I would like to add that I had a few 20+ kill games that did not show up today and yesterday. I assume that as soon as your kill count exceeds 20, your game does not show up in your history (20 and below do). Hope this helps…

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Hi, I played a game yesterday night around 11-1130
With SIim_Jim58 and BaldBulldog13 and the match we played is not showing up. It’s was buy back trios. I had around 6 or 7 kills and they had around three each.

Hi @LostBlood,

I am having the same issue as above. Its as if cod decides its done keeping up with the games… I am missing games from yesterday and also from Aug 25th where me and two others won a trios game. I know the other two people and it doesnt show on theirs either.

My profile is