Game stats not updating

Hi, all games since 2 days ago have not been updated. I played quite a few matches recently and the tracker stopped tracking my stats for more than 24 hours.

Every other profile I visit also do not have their games updated since 1am on 10 March.


Hi @ynkze3 and welcome to the TRN forums!

I’m not with TRN, so please take this with a “grain of salt” as my knowledge only comes from navigating the website, using the Overwolf apps, and what I read from the TRN employees here on the forum and in Discord.

There is a banner at the top of every profile that says the following:

Notice! The Riot Valorant API does not provide your entire match history as of yet. We process that match history to provide an overview of your stats.
Keep our page open while you play to get a more detailed overview.

I can confirm that the last match I see on your profile is from 03/10/22, 05:44 PM where you played Raze on Bind. However, looking at other profiles, I can see matches after this with the closest one being about 10 minutes ago from a profile on the leaderboard.

Is there a specific portion of the tracking you’re expecting but not seeing? Also, are you looking on the website, or are you looking at the Overwolf app?

I am looking at the website. I played with my friend Joker#woooo for 4 games as duo queue in between the most recent 2 games, another friend for 2 games, 5 stack for 4 games and it’s not showing up at all. There is like 10 missing games and it has never happened before. It seems like there is an entire 24 hour gap of matches not being tracked, at least in the Asia server because my friends matches are not available as well.

I’ve got the same problem. Usually my games appear within minutes of playing. However since 10th March I only have one game showing on tracker, but I have played 12 games. Wint3rmu7e#1251

The worst bit is I actually started playing better :smiley:

Same man.

Today I played a few games and nothing shows up again, not even the deathmatch.

Yeah I got this problem too, every match that I played on 10 March onwards didn’t show up even though I played about 5 to 6 match. And I played in Asia server too.

Hey guys,

I’ve reported the issue to TRN via Discord as well as it seems there are quite a few people having issues seeing stats as of late. Seems to also affect many people on the Asian servers as well.

I’m not affiliated with TRN, so I cannot confirm if they are aware of an underlying issue as of yet. The staff here are quite responsive and quick to action so hopefully you’ll all see a resolution soon.

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mine not updating also. since march 9 after the patch. server: APAC

logged in this morning and there are 18 games enqued for processing, so looks like they have done something about it. Thanks vindictivesmurf! :slight_smile: I’m on Sydney1 Server.

Hmmm maybe spoke too soon. The queued games are gone and back to same as before. Looks like maybe there has been a change in the data and they can’t process it…

Anyone else seeing any progress here? I have one spike rush from 11th now showing but none of the other 17 games since the 9th… I guess if they have a huge backlog it may take a while for them to show up…
edit: some of the enqueued ones are back… tracker enqueued — Postimages