Gamertag not found on Halo Infinite

Absolute garbage, can’t get support even if I paid for a premium acc, just a joke, doesn’t track anything.

Hi @JDavidpbk,

Could you let us know what you are having issues with please? If you can explain the issue in detail, we might be able to do something about it.

I’d also like to remind you that you have access to priority email support being a premium member, this is a community forum.

have paid for the premium, I am unable to find my gamertag anywhere and even after paying it says I do not have premium. When searching for my gamertag it will not show any stats and I’ve played halo infinite.

Could you provide your gamertag here please? I can see that your account has premium. We can for sure look into this for you.

My gamertag is JDavidpbk

@JDavidpbk Can you please pay a couple of ranked matches and then try again?

If you have played ranked matches please let me know.

Thank you

I’ve played an hour and a half of tactical slayer