Geo dissapeared

Hello anyone who reads this!

This morning i woke up to my rampart kills dissapeared from the leaderboard. I was rank 1 netherlands.

I can’t set my geo back. It removed itself and it doesn’t save when i update it again. Please help!

I can provide screenshots if needed

Forgot to tell.

Origin/ea name is ItzRoadster
I go by Roadster on steam

10717 kills. Hope this helps


Looking at your TRN account, you do not have a region set.

Please set that here: Tracker Network | Settings - Premium (

Once done your regions flag will show on your player profile; and the leaderboards will update usually within 24 hours

Thank you

Thanks for the quick response, but every time i set my region and i save, it doesn’t apply

Idk if picture works, i’m on my phone. It’s the prove of me standing above current netherlands nmbr 1

Is it possible for you to set a country to my acc? As shown in picture as soon as i refresh it’s gone

Does it only work on desktop and not on phone? If so than i can try that when i get home