Geo information not updating

Hi guys, can you help me out? I’ve been trying to add my GEO information back with no luck.

I had that working but for some reason it’s gone.

The link for my profile is:

Thanks in advance!!

Hi @En1gma_SBR,

Please make sure your country is up-to-date on this page:

Also, please note your Battlefield nickname is TTV-En1gma_OG but you linked En1gma_SBR to your Tracker Network account.

Hi @LostBlood, the problem is that I can’t update it to New Zealand. I can select it and click Update GEO it says the setting was saved but then nothing changes (PHOTO 1). When I come back to that screen it shows as it was not selected. (I can’t post the second photo…)

I also changed my Origin linked account to match the TTV-En1gma_OG but again everything still the same.


after posting this reply I tried to select a different country then back to New Zealand and then it saved… lol