GEO Locaiton Rank?

So I figured out how to get tracked but now I cant seem to get the regional one to work. I went to my setting and changed the geo location, is there anything else im not doing/doing wrong?

Same here, my geo location hasn’t worked for months, the most annoying thing is I’m 1st in the UK for revenant headshots
Just want it fixed

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mfer! im #2 in canada for wins. LET ME LIVE

@Basedgod420x I can see that you have your Steam account linked but not your Origin ID; please link your Origin ID here and your issue will be resolved: Tracker Network - Manage Linked Accounts (

I can already see your region is set up as Canada so once you have done this and the leaderboards refresh you will be showing on the correct boards :slight_smile:

@James2605 Can you please let me know on which platform and the associated gamertag? Ideally your TRN ID also :slight_smile:
Thank you