Geo Location not working

Absolutely nothing works. GG

Hi @D-Y-N-4-M-O,

If you have any issues, please be more specific. We are here to help you resolve the issues and answer your questions.

My geo settings will not update, my ubisoft account will not link and all my stats are wrong. We can start there? Thanks for a reply.

I do not see any previous posts from you on these issues. We need to know more information to help you:

  1. Which of our websites do you mean? Do I get it right that you mean R6: Siege?
  2. What is your nickname? You can send us a link to your profile on our website.
  3. Could you explain what happens when you try to change your Geo settings?

If you cannot link your Ubisoft account, please leave a message here:

This is a known issue and we can link your Ubisoft account for you manually.

Hello. Really appreciate your help.

The game is The Division 2
My nickname is D-Y-N-4-M-O
Link -

When I try to change the geo settings it says its updated but never actually does. It’s been this way for weeks if not months. I have successfully updated my geo settings in the past but id just doesn’t work anymore.

I also did as you asked and posted my uplay id where you asked for it. Thankyou. Will linking my Uplay to the tracker update my stats to the right numbers in game?

Yes, please make sure your accounts are linked here : Tracker Network | Settings - Premium (

If things are not showing a couple hours after linking i’ll chase this with the dev’s for you.


The game is The Division 2

Unfortunately, we do not work on new features and bug fixes in The Division 2 anymore. It is an old game and there might be issues on the Ubisoft side if some of your stats are incorrect.

Will linking my Uplay to the tracker update my stats to the right numbers in game?

If you link your Ubisoft account, it will not affect your stats.

I have done that. It says - “Succesfully saved your Geo Settings.”

But it doesn’t ever - Succesfully save my Geo Settings. Not after a few hours, days, weeks or months.

Also my uplay account is still not linked.
My nickname is D-Y-N-4-M-O
Link -

This should now be fixed.

Any regional leaderboards will take a bit before they update.

Hello, I would appreciate if you could help me, I have been trying to put the location of my account for days and it does not work.

ID: Dristan-
Link: R6Tracker - Dristan- - Rainbow Six Siege Player Stats

Hi @Dristan,

At the moment, we cannot find any information about your PlayStation account in our system. Please make sure your profile is linked to your Tracker Network account on this page:

You may need to link multiple gaming platforms to be able to link your PlayStation account.

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Got the same problem, they geo was outdated to I removed it and wanted to add the new place. Tried both IP location + typing country… It just won’t save, also waited hours and checked again, still the same. Geo location is empty.

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