Geo settings not working for me

Flag doesn’t appear in my splitgate profile, it does in my apex profile, and I want to appear in my country’s leaderboard, I am sure I can be there but I can’t, also I already set my country in settings.

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Hi @NLSNX21,

Could you give us a link to your profile on our website? Do you have your Splitgate profile linked to your Tracker Network profile on this page?

1 Like Here is my splitgate profile, and, how can I link my splitgate account there? I thought it would be linked when I linked my xbox account, also thanks for replying

Have you tried to click on the “Claim Profile” in the Splitgate profile header? If you already have your Xbox profile on this page, could you try to remove and add it again? If it still does not work, we can try to link it manually for you.


My flag is already there! Thank you so much for your help, I am still not appearing in the leaderboard but I think it will be updated soon, thank you, have a nice day!