Geo Settings problem

Hey! Im a rocket league player and I’m actually looking to be in the local leaderboard in my country,

Im a 1050ish MMR in doubles and is should be around the top 100 2v2 players in morocco, the problem is that I do not see my self in the leaderboard and when I go to my settings, Its already written morocco (in geo settings) so i started up all again i clicked on delete geo and then i put back morocco, and when i clicked save google showed a message saying that error thing.

So if can anyone from the staff help me set my account to morocco so i can see myself in leaderboard, Thanks Alot!

Hi @volensy,

Thank you for your report, we are currently working on a fix.

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Thanks! Hmu when its fixed please.

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We have fixed the issue. Please let us know if geo settings work for you now.

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I also can’t see my name in the leaderboards. I think there is a problem with geo settings on my account.

Would appreciate receiving an answer about this.

Thanks for your assistance

Hi @PainX17,

I think your country is set in your profile settings properly. Could you tell us please which leaderboards you are using? When did you update your geo settings?

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I want to use the leaderboards for my country and my state which is Baden-Württemberg
. I have updated my geo settings on monday

Your profile is currently available in regional leaderboards:

Please note that “Choose a State” is deprecated now, we are going to remove it soon.

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Oh… that explains it. Didn’t know that. Alright then my problem is solved.

Thank you for the fast and helpful answers <3

I have the same problem

hi, i should be top 100 in my country for 2v2 ranked but its not showing, and I’ve put my geo settings correct

still not working for me, i should be top 100 in my country for 2v2 ranked, but its not showing me on the leaderboard