Getting a "503" error from the Fortnite Tracker API

For a while now my API requests to the Fortnite Tracker API have been coming back with a 503 error and this text content:

API is temporarily disabled for maintenance or server issues. Sorry!

Any idea when the server might be up again? Feels like it’s been a couple weeks.

Hey, we had to remove the API for the time being due to some restrictions we were dealing with. I don’t have an ETA on when/if and in what form the API will be back.

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Got it, thanks for the quick response @RoDeX , I’ll shut down the requests for the time being. If the API does go back up, will that be announced here in the feedback forums?


Hi @RoDeX thanks for the update on this.

I noticed the previous thread from back in June about the Fortnite API being down has been deleted, does that mean we should ignore the guidance in that thread?

Also, I just had a look at my App page at and the “Apply for production use” button is still greyed out, does that mean you’re no longer accepting applications?

We are not accepting applications at the moment. We will probably make an announcement after internal discussions.


Ok got it! Hopefully the API will be restored, even if it means paying for access. I did subscribe as a Premium customer over a year ago specifically because TRN offers a great platform, services and customer support. As a livestreamer I have no problem paying for API access and coding my app according to any guidelines you have including rate throttling, there’s thousands of livestreamers playing Fortnite and I wanna support your team as much as I can!

Hi @LostBlood !

It’s been about a week and was wondering if there’s been any internal discussions or decisions about how this will work going forward?

Thanks for keeping us updated on this!

No updates for the time being, we don’t expect any update regarding that soon. No ETA unfortunately. We’ll announce when there is new information.

Thanks @RoDeX

Do you know if the same policies will be reviewed for your other APIs like for Apex Legends, Splitgate, etc?

I paid for a Premium membership with the understanding that it would include API support but if the API goes down for one game I’m expecting the others will all still be available.

Should I contact support about this or maybe create a new thread here? LMK please

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Is there an update for this? I thought it was back as I did manage to get a response from the store API but not the player stats one? Is it still offline?

If I purchased the premium membership to tracker, would I be able to regain using these API’s? This was a really cool tool to use to track some stats my kids and I did with each other and a few friends. I was limiting my pulls to 500/day (I think). I’d be happy to pay a membership to regain access to this service. Please advise, thanks!

Hi @pgsystemtester,

There are currently no Premium benefits for third party developers. Unfortunately, we cannot grant public access to our Fortnite APIs at the moment (even if you are a Premium member).

Thanks for the honest and quick response. I’d like to present some constructive criticism on this matter. By preventing people like me from using your API, you’re indirectly encouraging us to use more aggressive methods to capture this data which is ultimately less optimal for

Example: I could build a bot or script to go to the TRN website to grab players’ stats I wish to follow by looping through various HTML divs. It would probably hit about 10-20 pages an hour just to grab a few statistics. This ends up consuming far more of your bandwidth (i.e. 100x-10,000x more per pull) and creates other issues for both parties if you try to obfuscate your HTML code.

Using an API is a healthy middle ground for both parties, especially if tracker were to offer this service with a small fee. Again, I’d be happy to pay a couple of bucks a month to get a clean, supported, API endpoint with Fortnite gaming stats.

I realize this may not be you personal decision, but please forward this message to some stakeholders for review?

Again, thanks for the response, and hopefully this feedback proves useful.