Gpdr data request? no?

Hey, I’d like to know if it’s possible to request gdpr data as I’m from the EU. For some reason you can only load in so many matches from the past and it cuts off at around 50-100 games, but I’m sure as hell there’s more being tracked and I want to look at very specific statistics that the site doesn’t feature like agent winrate% on given maps which is kinda imporant but the site lacks it.
So I’d happily look at the data myself to figure that out and also laws require websites to provide personal data on demand sooo, I believe there should be an option to request data, I just can’t find it.

Hi @aimj,

We remove old matches from our database over time as our server resources are limited. Unfortunately, it is not possible to get access to them anymore if they do not appear on the website.

Also, we do not track agent performance on given maps at the moment. There is no reason for us to hide some stats which is why what you see on the website is pretty much what we currently have in our database.