Guide: How to join XDefiant Tracker's regional leaderboards

To be displayed on the regional leaderboards, you’re required to complete the following;

  1. Create a TrackerNetwork Account

  2. Link your gaming profile account with TrackerNetwork

  3. Select your region

*If you don’t already have a TrackerNetwork account, you can create one here: Tracker Network Register / Create Account (

  1. To link your gaming profiles to TrackerNetwork, please head to Tracker Network - Manage Linked Accounts ( This will open our linking tool, which will look like this. (You may see differences based on your browser/device)

XDefiant is available on three platforms and you only need to link up the platform/s you play on.

PC: Please click the ‘Ubisoft’ tab and follow the on-screen directions to link your profile. Linking Ubisoft profiles may take 1-2 minutes, once done you will be redirected back to your account linking page.

Playstation: Click on the Playstation tab and type in your ID

Xbox: Click on the Xbox tab, and you will be asked to sign into your Microsoft/Xbox account; once done you will be redirected back to your account linking page.

  1. Once your account is linked, we can now look at assigning your region; this is simple. Head here: Tracker Network | Settings - Premium (

Select your region either manually using the drop-down box or via the IP search tool. Once your region is selected, click ‘Update Geo’ once, and you’re done (Please avoid changing your geo-location or attempting to accept multiple times; this can cause issues)

You’re all done! Your regional flag will now show on your profile.

Note: It can take up to 15 minutes for the flag to appear on your profile and 24 hours for you to appear on the regional leaderboards. Please be patient.

Thank you