[GUIDE] How to make your Call of Duty Stats Public

If your Call of Duty stats are appearing as private, please read the following:

Firstly, please go to: https://www.callofduty.com/ and sign in. Make sure you log into the correct account if you have multiple accounts.

Then select “Linked Accounts”

Next, please make sure you have linked your platforms on your Call of Duty account.

Then navigate to “Privacy & Security”, make sure you have “Friends + Activision Properties and Third-Party Partners” selected in the area shown.

Once you have made these changes, please allow 30 minutes for the settings to update. If you are still experiencing issues, please change “Friends + Activision Properties and Third-Party Partners” to “None”, then switch back to “Friends + Activision Properties and Third-Party Partners”.

If you find that making these changes does not resolve your issue, this is a problem on Activision’s end, please try to repeat this process using the Call of Duty Companion App.