Guide: How to use the XDefiant OBS overlay tool

As with many of our supported titles we’ve created an OBS Overlay to help streamers give context to how matches are going; setting up is simple.

Creating your overlay

  1. To create your XDefiant OBS Stream overlay first navigate to our overlays page here: Overlay Creator and click on the XDefiant cover image located on the right-hand side of your screen.

  2. Again on the right-hand side of your screen you will be asked to search for your profile.

  • If you are playing on the PC version of XDefiant, you need to enter your Ubisoft ID.
  • If you are playing on a console, you need to enter either your PSN ID or your Xbox Gamertag depending on your platform of choice.

Once you have selected your profile you should see a preview of the Overlay and options to change the layout and configuration of the Overlay. At this moment in time, we only have one Layout, but users can use the configuration tool to change the colours of the overlay to suit their preferences. Once you’re happy with the overlay, click the continue button.

  1. Click the ‘Generate URL’ icon on the right-hand side of your screen.

  2. Now you have created your overlay we can start the process of importing the overlay into OBS.

You will see a tab labelled as ‘Overlay URL: Streaming Software’ - Please copy the full URL and we can now move onto the OBS side of things.

Importing the overlay to OBS

  1. In OBS head to ‘Sources’ and click the ‘+’ icon to open up a small menu; on this menu please click ‘Browser’

  1. What you’re going to do now is paste the URL you generated during the first phase of this guide into the pop-up window you see on your OBS Client like so - Once the URL is pasted into this box please click the Ok button to confirm it

3) If you’ve followed these steps you should be good to go! Like any other element in OBS you are free to move the widget to any location you see fit; you can also change other options within OBS such as the transparency levels and size.

  • A quick note as we know this will be a common question. The statistics on the overlay update are in sync with your profile, so if you feel things are lagging slightly please open up your profile either on our site or in the mobile app!