Halo infinite GB leaderboard

Hello guys!

I’m new here so I apologize if this has been asked ad nauseam, but I can’t seem to find myself on the UK regional leaderboard. I’ve claimed my profile, set everything up and I even appear in the combined leaderboard! There’s probably something I’m missing, but it’s getting a little frustrating.

My tag is RealDoctorDank.

Any help would be great and thank you in advance!

Hi @Doct0rNB,

It usually takes some time to update regional leaderboards which is why your placement might be delayed. I could find your profile in this leaderboard:

If you cannot find your placement in some other leaderboards, please wait a bit longer, your profile should appear eventually.

The regional filters seem to be broken. Pressing the view GB leaderboards button does not work. It only shows global leaderboards.

Hi @SHADOW107,

Could you send a link to a specific page where the regional leaderboard does not work? I checked some but I cannot reproduce the issue:

When you change the filter to uk and click view GB leaderboards for CSR the page doesnt update. Im using a mobile device on the TRN app.

Thank you. It looks like the regional filters are broken on mobile only (they actually work on desktop), we will investigate and fix the issue soon.

We released a fix. The filters should work on mobile now too.