Halo infinite ranked medals leaderboard

i would like to see my progress using the ingame marks

Hello @qiqe121097 and welcome to the TRN forums.

I see you posted in several other Halo Infinite topics and created another post with the exact same information. Please be considerate to other forum members and do not spam. Any post on this forum has the attention of TRN’s more than capable staff.

Regarding your suggestion, are you looking for something that tracks the Callout Assists (where you receive points for marking an enemy who is then killed)? There are also medals that are associated with marking that are already available:

  • Spotter
  • Treasure Hunter
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yes, I think that using the share button to spot is the best, or the left one, idk

I think that it would be useful at least some heroics, legendaries and mythics medals to compare hability between players, and a few normals to a better ranked track, not all the medals. But you could add just all the medals leaderboards. lol there would be like a thousand options in TRN´s menu