Halo Tracker - “We could not find the player”

I am using XBOX Game Pass app to play the game, I am unable to check my stats on the site or app.

I have matchmade and non-matchmade set to share

Hi, @OwenM96

I believe that the Tracker App only works when Halo Infinite is launched through Steam and not the Xbox app - from some of the replies I’ve seen here, it appears that it’s not something that TRN themselves can control. That may be one of the reasons why you are unable to see in-game stats.

You should be able to see your stats on the website though. It appears “OwenLFC96” is your gamertag on Xbox Live, right?

I, too, wasn’t able to see your stats on the website. I’ve read before in a different post on here that your Xbox profile itself needs to be set to Allow on “Others can see your PC game activity”, and looking at your XBL profile, it seems as if you may have this turned off.

I believe the setting information can be found here:


Give turning that on a shot and see if it helps!

@OwenM96 Looking at your account more closely it appears you have not played ranked matches. Please play at least 2 ranked matches and try again.

You should be good to go after this point.

It’s also worth noting we do not currently track ‘bot’ matches

Thank you