[HELP] API Error 403

Hi team, some questions relating to api, hope to get your answer soon. Many thx :grinning:

  1. Could you tell us how to get authority of Apex api? We get 403 feedback but do not know how to fix this issue.

  2. For devlopers, is there any limitation for frequency of using api ?

  3. Is it possible we get customized api ?

Hi @Albnetease,

Thank you for your questions. I verified your API key for you and requests work well for me. There is a chance, however, that our system is blocking requests from your IP address automatically (in this case, you should check the response). Please let me know if you still have this error and we will try to figure it out.

If you find it useful, this is a piece of JavaScript code I used:

let url = "https://public-api.tracker.gg/v2/apex/standard/profile/psn/Daltoosh";

let options = {
    method: "GET",
    headers: {
        "Content-Type": "application/json",
        "TRN-API-Key": "9fe011b4-f3e8-4105-926d-4d63dd227d40"

let response = await fetch(url, options);
let json = await response.json();

If you send too many requests to this API, our system will block them automatically. In most cases, we allow sending up to 30 requests per minute.

Also, if you need a custom API, I would recommend you writing a wrapper to transform the response from our API to the format you prefer. As of now, we do not provide custom APIs.

Thx for your help, the 403 issue has been fixed already. :grinning:

Still some questions:

  1. We will use the a wrapper to transfrm in API. However, if we want to achieve some game data that your API does not include, is it possible for you to add these data into API?
  2. Is there any way to get your approve to increase the API requests amount? 30 requests per minute is still a quite limited number for us.
  3. How can we get the APIs for some other games that you do not provide public API (for exam, TFT) ? We can see these game data check in your website, but there is no API for developers to achieve.
  4. For developers, is there any business cooperation for API? Actually, we are quite interested about using your API but only have limited authorities. We sincerely hope we could have a discussion abou this. We are happy to pay for better API.
  5. Will you provide API also for some games published in the future few years? such as Battlefield 2042

Regards and happy weekend!

  1. It depends on the data you expect to get. I think the API from your screenshot includes almost everything we are currently using ourselves in game profiles.
  2. (See the end of my message.)
  3. Unfortunately, we are not allowed granting access to some of our APIs. For example, in case of games published by Riot Games, you have to request APIs from them directly.
  4. (See the end of my message.)
  5. We will provide APIs for new games whenever it is possible. As far as I know, BF2042 is not one of such games.

I will ask the team about your 2nd and 4th questions.


Please contact us via email ([email protected]) and describe what exactly you are using, what other data you expect to get, how many requests you expect to make per minute and any other information you find useful.

Hi bro, thx for your support. May I know how long it usually takes for us to get feedback from business team ? We send email yesterday, still waiting for their reply.

The team will review your email and respond as soon as possible. Please be patient, responds to business inquiries are not immediate and require some time.

Hi bro, unfortunately I still do not get the feedback from business team. Do you have any suggestions ? My email is [email protected] , thx

Also regarding to previous discussion, we have some new questions hope to confirm

  1. You mention that TRN will provide API supports for new games whenever it is possible. We need to clealry confirm with you that will you provide API supports for the following games ? (I mean, if these games are open to grant API like other games). We want to get the API from you for these games also.
    Battlefield 2042
    Call of Duty: Vanguard
    Rainbow Six Extraction
    Wild Rift
    PUBG:New State
    Apex Legends Mobile

  2. On your website we can see you only provide API supports for 6 games (Apex Legends,CSGO,Division 2,Overwatch,Splitgate, Hyper Scape). So does this mean you only have authority for granting API of these games? We hope we could get more APIs for other games.

  3. For API requests, we generally have a needs for over 5,000 per game per minute. Do you have any idea how can we achieve this amount?

Sorry to borther you again and ask you so many questions. We sincerely hope we could build a cooperation towards APIs. If possible , please havel to transfer our consideration to business team. Many thx


I’m facing the same problem by calling https://api.tracker.gg/api/v2/warzone/standard/matches//?type=wz.
The response code is 403 and the body contains error code: 1020
I might have exceeded the max number of calls per minute. How can this be solved?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @mntl-theo,

We do not have public APIs for Warzone, you are currently using our internal API. Most probably, our system detected it automatically and banned you.

Please note that you can use only the following APIs for your own projects:


Oké thanks. I’ll check other options then.
Could you please unban me? Or would that happen automatically after a while?