Help I can't find my account ;-;

Hi I play Apex Legends on the Switch but I still cannot find my stats by searching my Origin ID ;-;
I have make sure that it is still the same one I’m using and it is so your assistance is highly appreciated!

Origin ID : hayamakir4

Can you please play some matches after following this guide? Tracking your statistics with ApexTracker - FAQ - Apex Legends - Tracker Network

Basically, we need accounts to use certain trackers and this should help.

Please also make sure that the Origin ID is correct.

Thank you and let me know how it goes

hi again, sorry but I actually cannot find my account at all. The origin ID is still the same.
Origin ID : hayamakir4

Hello @hayamakir4,

I found your account on Origin though I was unable to find it on the Apex TRN website. Your account looks pretty restricted, though - this may be the reason why TRN is unable to pull any data for your account.

Can you go to the EA settings for your account and check the Privacy Settings tab? Try turning “Profile Privacy” to “Everyone” and give it 24 hours to update completely.

Once you’ve done that, make sure you’ve read the post from the link that LJM provided - it talks about initial tracker and Legend set up to ensure your stats are pulled correctly.