HELP! Rocket League Tracker has my information on someone else’s account! Has the website been breached or something?

Someone random contacted me on discord asking who I was, and eventually it I found out that his friend’s account has my Twitter and twitch linked to it. He managed to use that and find my Instagram, YouTube, etc. all the way to discord. It also happens that his account name is RYAN which is also MY NAME. Very weird, I think I may have logged into a fake tracker website; however, my account hasn’t been compromised but rather my connections. His account shortcuts to my twitch and Twitter and they are from Ireland and I’m in the U.S. I have confirmed that this wasn’t a prank from my friends and is genuinely creepy that this even happened. If anyone can provide any help or advice as to is happening to me, this would help GREATLY! Unfortunately, email support is limited to premium users only so I have to post here. This is my first post so I apologize for any incorrect formatting or mistakes I have made.

Hey, sorry to hear that. I’s probably not a breach case. Can you please send your right profile on the site and the other user’s profile if you have it?