Hide Aliases doesn’t work

Option hide Aliases doesn’t work at all. You click on it with popup thats said its hidden. Nope cuz if use another browser it’s still there. We can’t even use it properly, it’s used to hide information’s protected by GDPR and your website ain’t even protecting it.

Fix it god damn.strong text

Hi, I’ve just checked the functionality, it’s working correctly.

I’d advise you close your profile on other browsers when hiding your aliases. After hiding your alias, I’d suggest waiting 10 minutes to allow the change to take affect.

You could also be seeing a cached page on your other browsers, a CTRL + F5 should force refresh the page.

Nope, i’ve tried that today. Simply doesn’t work,still there and i waited 2 hours just to be sure. Can you guys do it manually ?

I’ve done it right now again let’s see.

It does work on pc i guess. But on phone not at all. Its bug can u fix it ?