Hide Past Aliases

How do I hide past aliases on my profile? I’ve connected and been verified by all accounts but there is no tick next to my name and can’t seem to see a way to remove this, but would like to hide them. Any help?

Hi, please navigate to your stats page, make sure you are logged in, you should see this option to hide your aliases.

Let me know if you get any issues,


This option isn’t here unfortunately, even though profiles linked.

Are you trying to remove your old PSN names? I can see you have a Ubisoft account linked too? Can you temporarily unlink the platform you are not trying to remove the names on and try again please?

Please wait 30 mins after unlinking & log out and back into your TRN account please.

Hi, yeah. Just trying to hide past aliases on PSN. I’ve unlinked my PSN twice and relinked but not able to hide them, and no verified tick.

Have you been linking your PSN via discord?

Yeah, all linked via discord with my PSN. I’ve unlinked my other accounts so now it’s just my PSN linked

I’ll forward this onto someone more familiar with the system than me, unfortunately I don’t have any more suggestions. Please hang tight, apologies!

Hi, any further advice on why my account links are verified but my profile itself isn’t verified? Or if this can just be done from your end? Any help would be really appreciated.

Hi, your previous aliases have been hidden.

Thanks for your patience.

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Olá i also need to hide my aliases. I’ve already unlinked my Xbox account, but the alias won’t come out