Highlights feature

Hi everyone, i’m new and i’m glad to be here, just a quick question.

I see there’s this new feature that allows to record kills and deaths, but is it available for call of duty/warzone or it’s just a temporary/permant characteristic of other games?

Thanks for your replies

Hi @tretts88,

This feature is currently available for Warzone, Fortnite and Apex Legends in our apps.

Are you interested in this feature for particular Call of Duty games other than Warzone?

Hi @LostBlood, cloud you explain how it should works? Because I activated highlight but it won’t record anything and I can’t figure out how turn them on otherwise.


You should open the app before launching Warzone and you need to choose what exactly you would like to record (for example, kills and deaths):

You may also need to check this instruction:

The app will save highlights automatically. If this feature still does not work for you, please send us your logs: