How can I hide my stats

I dislike people looming over my stats for literally every game I play it’s so fucking annoying like if I’m not sweating one game I get shit talked by some dude with a worse KD than me but slightly high win rate or elo in some irrelevant ass gamemode.

Hi @eWeeb,

What game do you want to hide your stats in? Please remember that our services support about 20 different games already.

I’d like to hide them for Destiny 2 if that’s alright

As far as I know, Bungie does not have privacy settings in Destiny 2. Unfortunately, there is also no way to make your profile private on our side. Please contact the Bungie support in terms of privacy settings.

So wait, there is no way to hide your game results per game that you do? Cuz I swear I’ve seen people hide their live game results but you can still see their overall elo.

Correct. We can hide your stats only if the game developer enables such an option.