How do I switch from an account to another?

Hi, I’d like to switch from an account to another. My tracker is stucked on my secondary account even when I’m playing on my main account. How do I log out from my secondary and then log in on my main ??

I hope someone has a solution ! Cya

Hey @aminoquiz, can you please tell me the nicknames of both accounts? maybe with a link on our site? Thank you.

I am having the same problem. Did you find an answer?

Hey, same question here, can you please tell me the nicknames of both accounts? a link on our site will be helpful too. Thank you.

I am having the exact same issue as it tracking a secondary account and i need it to track my main

Can you try completely logging out of riot… Or using Incognito browser. Then go to our site and try to login w/ Riot.

same problem, I tried to disconnect from riot with the second and log in with the first on the site and the game but the app still gives me the second account, ign second account: Mikey # tkrvn
ign of the first account: Nezuko Kamado # sad

Hey, i klicked something on the app and now i cant signed up again. Can you please help me? On the left is only “new agent” and all my stats are gone.

Hi @AndiAheke00,

Have you tried to play a match to detect your profile automatically? Please make sure that you launch the app before the game.

If it does not help, please restart Overwolf and try again.

I have the same problem too

Hi @IsButterr,

Could you provide more information please?

Im having the same issue. It automatically linked my secondary Valorant account and now it won’t let me change the account it links.

I am having the same problem too, linked to my alt, and I can not change it.

a few months late…

i was having this problem as well. you’re going to want to log into riot games on your browser, then go onto valorant tracker. valorant tracker automatically links the account signed in on your BROWSER. i hope this helps!!

i also have problem with loging in on my main account

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