How many games stats we get if we buy premium?

If I buy yearly pack of premium then how many games api’s i will be getting the access to?
And will i be able to fetch the stats of every player by putting their gaming Id thru it or not?

Hi @SunnyPaliwal,

You can find the full list of available game APIs (which is quite limited these days) on this page:

Please note we will not be able to share access to our APIs for other games as we have to follow terms of service set by game developers or publishers. You should request direct access to game APIs if a game is not listed on the page above.

There are currently no Premium benefits for developers and we will not be able to make an exception even if you are a Premium member. You can, however, send us an email if you have any ideas or concepts for partnership: [email protected].

then what are the benefits of buying package from you guys?

You can see the list of benefits on this page:

They are intended for users of our websites and apps, not for developers.