How to be added to the leaderboard

What are the requirements to be added to the octane damage leaderboard in United States I have 1M this season

Hello @Urixzfn and welcome to the TRN forums.

In order to hit the TRN leaderboards, TRN has to have the latest information/data from you so it can determine a spot for you.

Can you confirm if the following account is yours?

If so, it looks like you are specifically tracking Gibraltar as your Legend:

Current Tracked Legend: Gibraltar

Current Tracked Stats: Kills, Season 7 Kills, Damage

(you can see this information on your page at the bottom of the screen on the left side of the page)

As the same box points out, the limitations of TRN’s trackers are that it can only track what you have told it to track. So, if you’re looking to make sure your Octane damage is up to date so you can be on the leaderboards, you’ll just have to update your trackers in game to do so. The website has some more information on this:

If you want to add or update a legend and/or specific stats for a legend, change your default legend to the legend you would like to update on the site by selecting them in the Legends menu in-game and ensuring you have the desired stat trackers applied. Make sure to have at least the Kills tracker and Level badge selected. After selecting your default legend and desired stats, return to the main lobby and press the “Force Update” button below.

Please make sure that you do not use any special trackers for your legend as we cannot detect them. Please use only the default ones to update your stats.

Please note that Apex Legends caches data. Legend/stats updates might not be immediate. If so, please wait a few minutes and then Force Update again.

No that one is not mine, my user name is UrixzFN not lowercase fn

Hi @Urixzfn,

Please add your Xbox account on this page:

It will update your geo settings for your Apex Legends profile on our website and you will be able to find your placement in regional leaderboards.

I’m on PlayStation tho

Could you sign in with your Tracker Network account on the page of your game profile?

Your country setting was not applied to your game profile and you may need to use the “Claim Profile” button and link your PlayStation username again:


I don’t see the claim profile button anywhere