How to re-open Guide-Overlay after minimizing

Hello There,

I was wondering how you can re-open the guide-overlay that shows you these lineups during the buy-phase after you have minimized it. I have found no hotkey for this, or any mention in the settings. Its frustrating if you could not re-open it without restarting the game. After all, why would there be a minimize-icon if I cant re-open.

So, thanks a lot in advance

Kind regards

Hi @JScsgo,

Thank you for your feedback.

This window should appear automatically when a new buy phase starts and disappear when it ends. Could you clarify please if it works as intended for you when you do not minimize this window?

We will verify the issue soon to check if the window stops appearing after minimizing it manually.

We were able to reproduce the issue and a fix will be released in the next app version.

Hi @JScsgo,

We released an update today, it includes the fix for this issue and many other improvements in the app as well.