How to unlink an Xbox account

I’ve made a new TRN account for a different Xbox account but it keeps linking my main xbox account. How does someone unlink and account then specifically link another one?

Hello @Fleeze_QQ and welcome to the TRN forums!

Can you try the following:

  • Sign into and subsequently log out of (sign in with your new account if you’re not already signed in when you first visit)
  • Log into your TRN account and go to the Linked Account page
  • Remove whichever Xbox account is showing up there
  • Save and log out of TRN
  • In a private browsing window (or “incognito” on Chrome) just to ensure the same login cookies are not being saved and utilized when setting up your new account, navigate back to and log in with your new account.
  • In another tab, open up TRN once more and log in
  • Go to the Linked Accounts page and try to add your new XBL account.

Let me know if this works for ya!

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