HTTP 403 / CF captchas / "Network error" in frontend

TL;DR of an issue: it’s impossible to use Tracker after successfully solving the captcha on because there’s another hidden captcha waiting for us at , and any query to from browser will either end in an empty response or text/html response which user-side UI doesn’t expect and throws “Network error”

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Make CF not happy about your existence. Opening from Tor Browser seems the easiest way to do it but not the only one
  2. Captcha page shows up at this point, solve it and get redirected to the Main page of Tracker
  3. Select any game
  4. Start typing any nickname in the text field
  5. Watch in the network monitor how all outgoing requests are either met with a 0 B response or with HTTP 403 (see the top part of the attached screenshot) and the captcha page (it’s possible to see it in the dev console, see the bottom part of attached screenshot)

Suggested fix: reconfigure CF to not throw 403s from after the user has successfully solved the captcha at the main frontend (

I understand and in some cases, we don’t want to fix this. For example Tor, we don’t want to fix it.

If you are getting this on your IP address, please DM your IP and I will look into why. Thanks.


I knew where this conversation was going. Nevertheless, I will try once again to explain the issue but in other words. CF may become unhappy about many things which are clearly not limited to just an IP address, and in its current state of how Tracker frontend handles it I can say not all users are treated equally:

I’ve proven myself to be a real human by spending about a minute to solve the captcha upon visiting the main page. From CF perspective I already possess less harm because I was (and am) willing to spend my time to prove I am not a malicious bot. Yet I am not able to use Tracker because the API backend seems to be misconfigured as it does not allow requests from users whose “realness” has already been successfully validated by CF.

This issue should be fixed. If the fix suggested by me in the first post doesn’t sound like a real solution, then perhaps alter the “network error” logic? Shove me a second captcha, I am fine with it. And I am pretty sure most other users who could stumble upon this behaviour would be more happy to solve another captcha & get the data rather than getting some weird “Network error” with no explanation.


I understand 100% but what you are saying, what I’m saying is, I want to know why we are blocking you on

Hi! I am very sorry for such a delayed response.

I am always* using a VPN so most likely this is the reason behind CF being unhappy. Also I think my UA might be sus for CF because I’m using latest Firefox on Linux (I’m not faking the UA in any way).

  • not sure if detailed explanation is needed/welcome but I’m living in a country which does a lot of internet censorship and nowadays it’s actually better to reroute the entire traffic through the server in another country than selectively use censorship-avoidance tools.