I accidentally reset all of my fortnite TRN rating by turning off public leaderboard on accident

this normally wouldn’t be a problem but I was top 600 duos top and top 6000 in trios and top 4000 in squads and really want my TRN rating back. I have multiple screen shots of me having these ranks. and need help

Did you ever figure this out? I had was watching twitch and another person in the chat said if you turn that off it would help input delay and for some reason i was and idiot and thought it was true. My TRN rating for solos was 8,863 I was trying to get it to the top 500 ranking . Did you get yours back

@Dillydoo This was caused by setting the account to ‘private’ in-game which allows players to block any third-party site from displaying their statistics; the side effect of this is obviously we have to private your associated TRN account which wipes and progress with the TRN scores.

At this time we have no option to reverse this effect as we have to respect the privacy features implemented by developers.