I accidentally used a streak sever!

I was checking to see if I have had a match and for some reason it used my streaked and I want to know if I can get it back. Please reply and hurry.

@Bradley0702 Can you provide more clarification on what you mean by used your streak?

Streaks are on-going

If, by ‘streak server’ you mean streak saver (Shield) those will automatically apply when required.

Thank you

I clicked on check for match and it used a streak shield when I was just checking.

Were you checking for games after midnight?

I’m not aware of anything which would cause the streak shield to be used upon checking for a match.

Around that time.

Okay, then it’s very likely the shield applied to protect your streak which is the correct behaviour.

Moving forward please make sure you have checked in with the app before midnight.

I did and I did have like 10 matches so I don’t know if they was a delay so it used it thinking I played no match.