I also not showing up on the Regional Leaderboards

Hello I’ve read the topics below and I have the same problem with the geo location update
Im from southamerica (CHILE) and when I save to my profile no Flag appears on my profile
and Im not able to search me in the ladderboard

activision ID Strav3#7967464 I really would appreciatte if you manually can change my location to CHILE south america

Also I only can search my activision ID anyone know how to fix privacy on battlenet TAG (StravE#11513)? I tried the guide from the page but no success also tried from mobile app

Hi @Strav3,

Thank you for your report. Have you tried to change your geo settings in a different browser or on a different device? If it still does not work, please let us know and we will update your country manually.

Regarding your privacy settings, could you send us a screenshot of your current settings in your Call of Duty profile? You can see an example in this article on our website:


Hello @LostBlood yes , I tried changing geo location on differents browser selecting my country CHILE manually and trying to use ip location too and it´s not updating my geo location (south america .- CHILE) I would appreciate if you can manually set my location

this is my actually profile privacy setting on the page I tried to put private then change to public and still cant browse my battle net tag my activision tag is fine and working

Thankyou Lost blood

this is my privacy setting on the phone app

and this is my setting on my Battlenet PC client

@Strav3 Can you please confirm which internet browser you are using when trying to update your information.

One of our dev team is going to look into this for you.

Chrome and Microsoft Edge