I am not on Apex Arena Win streak Leaderboards even though I should be

I am in South Africa and on Origin/Steam. I have a 9 winstreak but my name doesn’t show up here. It appears that the account is linked to my old name T4ke0verthe3rd, but the stats are updated.

Can you do me a favour and answer a couple points please?

  • What platform are you playing on?
  • Can you confirm that you have the arena win streak badge currently equipped on your profile?
  • Have 24~ hours passed since you selected your geo location? (This can take time to update)

Bonus points if you submit an ingame profile photo with no crop so we can more clearly see your badges/name etc

Thank you


  • Yes to both questions

I found that I am not on any leaderboards
Sorry for the wait

Firstly; you must search for your OriginID not your steamID when looking for stats.

Can you confirm the linked Origin ID for me?

Thank you

T4ke0verThe3rd. Sorry for the long amount of inactivity

This is an issue with the upgraded Arenas Win badge (One rewarded from the pre-season event) We’re looking into matters and should hopefully have a resolution soon.

We’ve also created a specific forum post to monitor these issues/advise on updates.

Thank you

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