I am not showing up on the Regional Leaderboards

I’ve been at this for the past couple days, and i don’t understand what I’m doing wrong.

Ive updated my Geo Settings and i have my blizzard and Activision ID (streetystreet#6904566) linked.

I still see no flag next to my name.


Hi @Streetystreet,

Unfortunately, your geo settings have not been saved in our database. Could you tell us please what happens when you update your geo settings on this page?


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Hey yeah every time I click USE IP location it will tell me that my geo setting has been saved. But clearly it is not.

I’ve also tried selecting the United States option to try and save it that way. Both ways tell me that my Geo Setting has been saved When i click update Geo. Nothing is sticking.

Also, every time i return to the Geo Setting page after it tells me it saves nothing on the page shows me that anything has been saved.

Have you tried to update your geo settings on a different device or in a different browser? Are you using AdBlock?

If it still does not work, we might try to update your geo settings manually for you.


I am running no ad-blocker and I have tried on different browsers (Safari, firefox and on my PC), still nothing. :confused:

If you could set it for me manually that would be awesome.


Are you guys able to update my Geo Setting manually?

Hi, I’ve set your region to the US.


Thank you!