I bought premium but still it says i dont have it

i bought premium for monthy but if i go to premium settings it still says : It looks like you’re not a supporter yet. :frowning: Please get TRN Premium and come back here! hope someone can help

Could you logout and log back into the site?

I’ve checked our backend and your account is marked as being Premium.

i logout and login but i still dont have acces to premium functions and still have ads

here the screenshots:

Make sure you are logged into the same account on thetrackernetwork.com (the site in the first screenshot) and on tracker.gg (the site in the second screenshot). The usernames in the top right should match.

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Could you please check mine. I been premium but can’t login . I am ready to cancel. Kind of annoying and wasting money . Thanks gt… respeckmyaim on xbox