I can see my profile but with 0 kills and 0 wins

please check my profile
i can’t see all my stats like others

Hi @Ousef_GH,

Please check this instruction:

well right now my stats doesn’t get update like my rank
it says im rookie but im plat right now ot even shows my last 2 rank matches

It may take some time to update your ranks as we are retrieving them from a different data source and there is a delay. Please try to wait a bit longer and/or play a few more matches.

My Apex Legends Arenas Stats are incorrect im #1 on XBOX now im not there Gamertag M456Shoota its alil confusing

Please avoid spam posting on multiple topics.

We’re aware of some statistical issues following the new season launch.

Did your statistics look accurate before the new season started?

Thank you

I didnt think it would be spam posting i had just posted on each subject for different days … but yea they were correct before the new season started

@M456Shoota Trackers are broken in-game right now. I’m sure you’ve seen some of your challenges with negative progress ect.

We’re waiting on a fix for respawn

My challenges are good … All in game is good … as i look thru the leaders board everything looks the same except my stats im confused … trackers and challenges are two different statistics … is this an overall game issue or just with my account … Are you a Tracker Network Staff

This is fixed. Update your profiles and it should be fixed.

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